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 Alma Private Banking aims to deliver a high personalised management service.
A customized and individualised offer.
Alma Private Banking aims to deliver a high personalised management service, which fits to the European standards. Unlike, in Morocco the experience of this kind is still in its embryonic stage. In effect, each client has a dedicated client representative.

This helps to gather and centralise the necessary information within a patrimonial and global context, so as to identify customers’ needs and expectations, and then come up with the adapted solutions.

This dynamic expertise is there to pin point the evolvement of customers’ needs and incorporate them in the strategic decisions.

Our tailor-made advice on organising and managing of assets can deduce many personal options that are preferred by our customers such as: Private and Professional project, Objectives in terms of transmission, Awaited returns, Preference or aversion towards the risk, Carried interest to financial management, Financial needs, Family objectives in optimum fiscal conditions.
The management is absolutely conducted in transparency and realized in a mandatory framework that strictly respects the predetermined objectives.

Supplying Quality Information.

Alma Private Banking has a policy of managing limited numbers of customers’ accounts, so as to deliver the entitled and secured quality service for its clients. In this area, dedication is the prime quality of each client-representative. This latter is frequently making contacts, also reports the situation of a customer’s account on periodical basis and /or efficiently at his/her request.

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